13 October 2008


During my vacation in the States I had some time to go shopping. I've been to some thrift stores (very successful at Goodwill and Thrift Town), to the fabric outlet in San Francisco (2109 Mission Street) and of course I had to visit a Michael's store. I brought home tons of fabric and craft supplies that were incredible inexpensive compared to european prices.

Velvet embroidered box

Polka Dots!

Fabric, new and vintage

Padded satin hingers

While we've been to Santa Monica I visited Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store. I loved the fact that this is the place where the shabby chic style comes from and where everything started that is now so popular everywhere in the world. The staff was friendly and allowed to take some pictures. They told me that Rachel herself is in the store regularly but unfortunately I haven't met her herself. The store was gorgeous and I really felt like in heaven.

See more of Rachel Ashwell and Shabby Chic on her site: Shabby Chic


  1. it looks like you found some terrific treasures while you were here in the states! :) beautiful!

  2. Oh so many beautiful supplies! Lucky Nicky!

  3. oh heaven indeed