05 October 2008

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon N.P.

The last part of our journey was "Sin City" Las Vegas. Starting from California we crossed the Mojave-Desert and entered Nevada. It was so much fun to see all the giant hotels and casinos where you can walk around for hours. I especially liked the "New York, New York", "Paris" and of course the "Bellagio" with it's famous fountains. We also visited the Freemont Street for the great light show in the evenings.

Artificial daylight inside the "Venetian"

Freemont Street Experience

One day we met the guys from Orange County Shoppers (OCC) who presented a new bike.

From Las Vegas we drove to the Hoover Dam and made a tour through the powerplants.

We entered Arizona and visited the Grand Canyon National Park. We stood up early to be there at sunrise and that was really worth it. It was an incredible impression standing there in the darkness and suddenly seeing the sun over the canyon.

No picture can show the immenseness and beauty.

We drove back to Las Vegas where we had to take our flight back home.

It's still hard to get back to the everyday life and I hope I can come back really soon.


  1. you got some great photos!
    You were in my old neck of the woods lol ..... i so miss AZ and Vegas!!!Hoping to be back that way after our 3 years here in hell..lol other wise known as Okinawa japan!!!

  2. Awesome!
    Just can't believe that you made a tour through the power plant lol