22 April 2008

Still here...

Since I haven't posted for a couple of weeks (or even months?) I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here. I regularly check all you lovely blogs and flickr sites but I haven't much to show of myself.
The last weeks we refurbished our bedroom and so I was hunting for new decorations, curtains, fabrics and furniture. Not totally finished yet but here's the first impression of the new room which is now soft light brown (just like a Latte Macchiato!) and white.

We bought some vintage nightstands with a horrible colour but with a lovely design and shape. It took some days to sand off all the old colour and to paint them but I'm more than happy with the result:

We are doing the same procedure with our closet and I can't wait to see it finished.

There is one more thing I wanted to show. The picture is especially taken for Pueppilottchen. We both met on flickr and I saw a picture of her antique chest which is very similar to the one I own. I got mine from my grandfather and I now store my fabrics in it.


  1. so nun bin ich deinem ruf gefolgt ;)... und die kiste ist wirklich eine große schwester von meiner - klasse! danke für´s zeigen! und nun gehe ich mal weiter in deinem blog stöbern, denn der sieht vielversprechend aus...

    lg, nicola

  2. Lovely lovely lovely I want to come and play in your room!