15 September 2007


Back from my vacation to Spain I wanted to share some pictures.

Bright colours at the market

Ugly guys and lovely vintage items at the flea market

Tiny shoes at the shop window of a dollhouse store

Lovely busts to hold jewellery


  1. der Flohmarkt scheint ja toll gewesen zu sein! Schöne Dinge auf dem Foto, hast du dir denn etwas gekauft?

  2. welcome back!
    I am sure you guys had a great time, love the photos especially the dress forms, so pretty!

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    these pics are fabulous. looks like you had a wonderful time :o)

  4. Sehr schöne, anregende Bilder!

  5. Anonymous12:15 AM

    I like your blog goodies!

    And you´ve got tagged!

    The rules:
    1. post these rules
    2. each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
    3. tags should write a blogpost (journal) of these facts
    4. at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
    5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

    Janette from Finland

  6. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Hi and welcome back,
    Glad your home and safe, I can't to see what your going to blog about next.
    I LOVE your banner. So darling!
    :) Bren


  7. Your blog is darling! I replied to your comment on my blog but it came back.

    Anyhoo, thank you for visitng my blog the other day. Sorry I didn't save you a piece of that bread.lol! If you get a chance you might want to try chocolate pudding instead of vanilla and add some nuts, too. But cranberries and pineapples are my favorite.

    We saved a seat for you in class yesterday. We were hoping you'd show up. Maybe next time! Take care.

  8. I come from your flickr album to visit your blog. Very nice. I have seen you have vising my country in September . Where did you go ?
    It looks likes flemarkets in Barcelona.
    I´m in Madrid.
    When you want you can visit my blog and read in Spanish .
    As I like your style , very similar to the things I do, I will add to my faves.